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Fastklistrad framför TV:n tar jag mig fram i spelens fantastiska värld

Intressant intervju med Shigeru Miyamoto 16 juni 2009

Wired har fått göra en intervju med Nintendos Shigeru Miyamoto. En riktigt intressant och lång intervju.

Han snackar bland annat om New Super Mario Bros Wii, det nya Zelda-spelet och han ger också sin syn på Microsoft och Sonys olika kameratekniker som visades på E3.

Jag citerar en liten del av intervjun. Why did you decide to show that image from Zelda at a Q&A session, instead of the press conference?

Miyamoto: There are a couple of reasons. One is that personally I think the videogame industry has adopted a bit of a bad habit in this idea of announcing games long before they’re ever going to release. I don’t necessarily think it’s the most healthy of habits. In terms of the media briefing itself, for us that’s a place where we’re going to talk about our business for the coming year and the products that we’re going to release over the next 12 months or so. To that end, looking at how many products we have here at the show, we felt that it was important to focus on those products, important to focus on the Metroid announcement, and that the announcement of a Zelda game was not as high of a priority. It’s a particular challenge for me, and the way that I develop games, because we tend to not release games before they’re done, and that makes it hard to announce things very far in advance.

Vill du läsa hela intervjun (och det vill du!!) skall du bege dig till den här länken.